In our proactive approach to claims, we guide you through the claims process from start to finish, offering you, the client, the following benefits:


  • Review of all matters reported
  • Guidance in the event of a claim
  • Early contact with the appropriate parties
  • Legal counsel assistance
  • Investigation and collation of documents
  • Claims resolution strategies advice
  • Regular and ongoing updates
  • Discussion of notified claims
  • Advocacy in the event of an indemnity
  • Dedicated Claims manager


Claims Checklist (General Insurance)


  • Contact Honan Insurance Group citing the date, time, cause and location of the loss.
  • Take photos of damages
  • Obtain identification of all civil authorities involved such as fire, police, health department, building inspector, etc.
  • Keep damaged items safely for assessment
  • Arrange for quotes
  • Retain all invoices, time sheets etc, to ensure all costs are captured and attributable to the loss and to prevent an overlapping of normal costs with these expenditures
  • If you are making a business insurance claim have your ABN and GST information handy (if applicable)


Industry-Specific Checklists (Employee Benefits)


Restructured and Government Hospital
  1. Claim Form
  2. Original Final Bills
  3. Copy Inpatient Discharge Summary from the Hospital
Private Hospital
  1. Claim Form
  2. Both Original Final Summary and Detailed bills
  3. Original Medical report from the attending Doctor

(Please note that the medical report fee is to be borne by Claimant / Policyholder)

General Practitioner (Doctor/Specialist) and Dental
  1. Claim Form
  2. Original itemized bills
  3. For Specialist claim – copy of Referral Letter from the General Practitioner

(Please take note that there may be more information required subjected to the Insurer’s request)