Employee Benefits


Finding gifted employees is never easy, retaining them and keeping them from burning out can be even more challenging. Make sure your star employee is not eyeing the door by ensuring you have a strong employee benefits package in place.


It’s no secret that in today’s competitive job environment, employees value a broad and well-designed benefit package. The range of benefits that can be provided is diverse, including traditional benefits such as Health & Protection Insurance, Flexible Benefits, as well as the more recent inclusions like Work Place Health & Wellness.

We work closely with our corporate clients to understand their business and where they want to benchmark themselves in their industry. We help companies develop Benefit Strategies that meets with the company’s Human Capital Strategy.

Our Employee Benefits Team is able to help clients maximise their health care dollar and ensure that their employee benefits programme remains robust.

How are we different?  We care for our clients and will provide a high level of ongoing support to our clients to help administer their employee benefits insurance. 


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Regional Programmes

Many companies look towards Singapore as the Asian Regional hub with its Finance and HR operations centralised here.

We help clients coordinate multi-country benefits programmes, which allow you to:

  • Centralise so that HR has a bird’s eye view
  • Harmonise Benefit Strategy Globally
  • Meet with local market practice
  • Satisfy regulatory requirements in accordance to local laws of the country


International Medical Benefits

Certain industries are driven by competitiveness of the sector to offer high-end benefits to their staff to cover high limits for Inpatient, Outpatient Clinical, Specialist and Alternative Treatments, Maternity, Wellness, Dental and Vision.

We add value by assisting clients to make sense of the various products in the market and recommend one that suits our client’s needs.


Local Employee Benefits

Our aim is to build long, trusting relationships with our clients.

Client-focused service plan:

  • Providing a high level of benefits advisory
  • Maintaining high service level
  • Keeping in touch regularly through interval meetings and updates about market trends


Benchmarking Reports

We provide valuable insights and data to our clients through our knowledge of the market.

Companies should conduct a Benchmarking Exercise every few years in order to find out the following:

  • Is the company providing the right type and level of benefits for their employees
  • How do their benefits compare with competitors
  • Kept abreast of market trends


Flexible Benefits

Flexible Benefits have increasingly become more popular as employers wish to meet the diverse needs of different employees. A 45 year-old female with 3 children may place Life Coverage benefits on higher priority. In comparison, a 25 year-old female may value Wellness Benefits such as gym membership more.

Benefits can be customised to meet this diversity through Flexible Benefits Programmes. Employees are given flex dollars and a basket of benefits which gives them the freedom and choice to spend on what matters to them.  All this is managed through our Flexible Benefit Portal.


Wellness Programmes

With rising importance of well-care and over sick-care, many companies today allocate a Wellness Budget focused on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of the employee.  The health evidence is clear that a healthier and happier workforce is a more productive workforce. We can organise wellness programmes that meet with client’s objectives, ranging from Health & Nutrition Talks to Bootcamps etc.


Employee Communication Sessions

We will communicate with your staff to ensure that the full value of the benefits is understood and appreciated through scheduled communication session.


Claims Management

Service fulfilment is not complete without an effective Claims Management System.

We have our own In-house experienced Claims Practitioners who who will assist our clients in these areas:

  • HR – advise on claims trends (what are the most common claims submitted, the average costs associated).
  • Employee – assist in advising if expenses incurred for Medical Condition and Treatment is claimable, including an explanation of the benefits and claims.


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